Real Estate Developer, Michael J. Newell, Applies a «Win-Win» Approach to Business, Creating Affordable Housing for Everyday Americans

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2022 / If a CEO can carefully harness his team’s individual strengths, this will effectively catapult the team ahead in rapid time. Businesses often forget that their employees, even vendors, are all important in its success, but not Michael J. Newell. Newell has applied a «team mentality» strategy at Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes. As a result, both businesses have experienced enormous growth within a 5 year period.

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Michael Newell is the founder and CEO of Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes. Standard Land Development establishes communities all throughout Florida. SLD’s process is to develop the plot of land by-way-of building the roads, installing sewer systems, electricity and other infrastructure as needed before erecting the development of homes or industrial buildings. M.J. Newell Homes is the second component of the business that provides both the sale and customer service of all homes built by Standard Land Development. The customer may purchase from 6 different model home options or custom build their dream abode directly through M.J. Newell Homes.

Standard Land Development and M.J. Newell Homes are providing superior quality homes for the everyday American. «We want to make prime-value homes available at an economical rate to all Americans. We believe that affordable housing should be no more than a quarter of their income. This ensures that families can live comfortably while affording the necessities that a growing family requires,» says the owner and CEO of M.J. Newell Homes.

M.J. Newell Homes has built over 600 residential dwellings to date. This year alone, they expect to have built 490 single-family homes. However, none of this could be possible without a team mentality, as well as a strong team. Collectively, both companies consist of over 200 team members from contractors to office personnel.

«The power of a team [is] crucial. [You must] recruit individuals who are both strong and trustworthy. I knew in order to be successful, I’d have to enlist first-line powerhouses,» states Newell. Subsequently, Michael J. Newell has diligently invested hundreds of hours with each team member to achieve multi-linear success throughout the organization. He strongly believes that managing a business means getting to know your employees and cultivating a culture of respect and appreciation. «During the early days of my construction career, I spent most days on the job site getting acquainted with the crew, as well as showing my gratitude for their work. I became familiar with each of their strengths which made that specific job site function with success. At 5:00 pm, I filled up a cooler with cold beer to finish off their work day. This simple yet effective gesture helped to create a formative trust between me and my team. I believe this is what set me apart from other builders,» says Michael J. Newell.

Like most Americans, Michael Newell has watched the housing crisis continue to grow in the United States and as result, he has strategically employed both of his businesses to help solve our country’s predicament. Newell believes that he cannot solve the housing crisis alone, however, by sharing his construction knowledge with others, he believes this can ultimately impact the housing deficit in our nation. Michael Newell says, «I feel that a new builder who comes into this industry will only strengthen the market. Our country needs good builders who can supply the growing demand for new construction. New builders create opportunities for subcontractors to hire more crew members and become malleable with their time and prices.» Newell concludes, «The advantages of business transparency has a positive domino-effect not just for me and my team, but for millions of other Americans.»

In a world where most people attempt to suppress others to gain power for themselves, Newell believes it’s a detriment to society if we don’t look for a «win-win» solution in business and help each other along the way. The success of M.J. Newell Homes is indicative of this code of conduct. By 2023, M. J. Newell Homes will build 1200+ units per year. Standard Land Development will continue to develop sites statewide for residential, commercial and industrial creating affordable housing for the everyday American.


MJ Newell Homes is founded on ethical business and social principles. At MJ Newell Homes, their team of professionals are not only experienced, but personable agents. They meticulously guide their clients throughout the entire process of buying a new home and understand that it is one of the most important investments for any individual or family. Their priority is to provide comprehensive support to their clients from beginning to end, starting with the selection of their ideal home to the financial process and all the way up to the successful delivery of their brand new home.

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