At just 31 years old, Michaell J. Newell launches Learn To Build, a program to teach builders how to build houses efficiently and profitably in stages.

Michaell J. Newell, CEO and founder  of Standard Land and Development  states that “We have a reality that affects our country and that is the housing shortage. For this reason, aware that some factors that generate it can be solved by the builders, we have been working on a program that can teach and motivate others to start housing construction ventures, since only together can we help mitigate the deficit. of housing facing the United States and that, in areas such as Florida, was asserted with the passage of Hurricane IAN”.

In the construction processes there are drawbacks that can be solved when you know the whole chain, how it works, how you can secure it. The answer is somewhat focused on efficiency in the entire construction process, from land acquisition to final product. LTB (Learn to Build) offers new builders an innovative system based on the experience of more than a decade.

Invited speakers by Learn To Build.

The important thing about these 3 days of teaching in the construction area was that these 80 people from all over the world who took on the challenge of attending a completely free event did networking and took part of Newell’s knowledge and experience also in this event received valuable information from speakers such as:

Najam Usmani – Entrepreneur, world leader, activist, and philanthropist at the helm of Epic 3 Holdings; a leading real estate firm in North Carolina, who was in charge of explaining how to close a deal and build a corporation out of it.

Tanya C Oliver:  Executive Coaching for High-Level Achievers was in charge of motivating them to undertake and fulfill their dreams, who affirmed «if Mike did it, I can and will do it too»

Other guests who shared their experiences included: Mike Russell (Builder) Brian Quinn (7th Generation Construction-Land Buying Expert) Nader Hack (Money Lending Expert) Matthew John (Construction Financing Expert) Jenny Congleton (Leader Shopping).

The public left very grateful to the organizers of the LTB (Learn to Build) event stating that the expectation was achieved and they will return next year, such is the case of:

Participants from all over the world.

Rick jumper from Chicago IL  “I came to learn from Michael and take my business to the next level. I have found very valuable information, I was also surprised by his humility and simplicity, you can feel his heart, he just wants to help the deficit ”

“Mike provided us with simple and realistic information in a simple way. Now I have the exact impression to go from buying land to developing a building and then scaling to an organization. This event has made me grow as an individual and I am very excited now to take advantage of this opportunity,” added  John Carter .

Michaell J.Newell, wants to motivate anyone to undertake in the construction sector and he is willing to pass on all his years of experience so that people do not make the same mistakes as him, the goal of the young builder is to make another great event to teach how to build houses on February 10-12, 2023 and registration is open:

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By El Venezolano Colombia